Recordal of Assignment

FILING GUIDANCE FOR RECORDAL OF ASSIGNMENT OF TRADEMARK REGISTRATION IN CAMBODIAREQUIRED DOCUMENTS:Original trademark certificate(s)01 notarized Power of Attorney from Assignor (or Assignee)Two original notarized Deeds of Assignment.Samples of the mark if device mark or color mark.

Recordal of Change of Name/Address.

FILING GUIDANCE FOR AMENDMENT OF TRADEMARK REGISTRATION IN CAMBODIA REQUIRED DOCUMENTS:Original trademark certificate(s);Original notarized Statutory Statement;Original notarized Power of Attorney;  

Renewal and Annuity

FILING GUIDANCE FOR RENEWAL OF TRADEMARK REGISTRATION IN CAMBODIA REQUIRED DOCUMENTS:A original notarized Power of Attorney from the trademark owner The copy of the trademark registration(s).GENERAL INFORMATION: According to the trademark regulation...
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Trademarks in CambodiaRegistration Procedures To file a trademark application in Cambodia, the applicant must provide with information about the first registration in another country. In case that the application filed in Cambodia is the first one,...
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Domain Name

Registration of Domain Name in Vietnam Required InformationThe name, address of Registrant;The name of domain name; The name of DNS Primary  and its IP address;The name of  DNS Secondary and IP address thereof;Full contact details:...
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