Renewal and Annuity

Annuity for patent of Invention and Utility Solution 

Required information:

    1. Data related to the Patent including Patent Number, Patent owner, regular filing date, granting date, priority date.
    2. The effective year for which the annuity should be paid.

Renewal for patent of Industrial Design 

Required documents:

  1. Power of Attorney from the owner to VIETNAM IP 
  2. Original Certificate of Industrial Design.

Renewal for Trademark Registration

–  Required documents:

    1. Power of Attorney from Trademark owner to VIETNAM IP
    2. Original Certificate of Trademark Registration


    • Annuity and Renewal fees can be paid in the duration of six months before the due date.
    • Late paying the said fees is accepted provided that it is not later than 6 months from the due date and the surcharge of 10% per late month is added.

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